Integrated Process Assistance

Industrial Application Platform for optimal support of your workforce


Process Assistance

A live process guidance that leads you through the quality processes by offering you an instant information feed on the performance tasks as well as highly interactive features.

Smart Services

The applications are hosted in a highly robust and scalable private Cloud Platform, which enables you to connect sensor data machines and smart tools. This ensures a smooth integration into your infrastructure. 


Analyze your data through highly interactive visualizations to understand complex structures easily and to get an insight into your real time process data streams.


Paper-based data management systems are still very common in production as well as maintenance facilities. 

With Synergeticon we transfer all corporate paper-based processes into a digital interactive process assistance.

Process Assistance 

Synergeticon provides a smart platform to assist your workforce with industrial applications regarding the quality, assembly and maintenance. On top of that the platform offers real time feedback on the performing task.

This leads to less errors, continuous information flows and a higher process stability.


Connect different smart tools and machines to the platform. We support a large number of interfaces, including everything from OPC UA, the standard for connecting machines in Industry 4.0, to common machine and device protocols.

This increases flexibility and removes barriers in connecting machine protocols.

Text Analytics 

Analyze your data using highly interactive visualizations to easily understand complex structures and get an insight into your real time process data streams.

Auto Content Design

A serious obstacle in implementing digital process assistance into the company is the creation as well as the maintenance of content.

We offer applications to assist with the digitalization that translates unstructured data into standardized semantic data models.

That leads to strong savings in work preparation.

Fast digital transformation with existing data and systems


3D interactive web applications

Leading-edge web technology to build interactive 3D responsive web applications. 

Micro Service Architecture

Highly robust and scalable smart service platform including M2M communication and a work flow configuration module.

Artificial Intelligence

Semi automated content creation due to intelligent algorithms with pattern recognition that handle semi and unstructured data.

Value Creation

100 %

papers saved

20 %

errors reduced

40 %

efficiency increased

The Team

David Küstner

Managing Director

Daniel Erdelmeier

Technical Director

Masiullah Najem

Project Engineer

Maximilian Mattern

Project Engineer

Fabian Wulfes

Software Developer

Lasse Wendland

Infrastructure Architect

Leonie Kalies

Projekt Manager Marketing

Lena Weirauch

Sales Manager

Anna Faber

Operative Manager

Dalyan Elmaz


Dario Ramming

Data Scientist

Rajesh Maddhipudi

Frontend Developer

Yong Wang

Robotics Specialist

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